Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Archive] Obama care -- Ohio to attempt to toss it out!

Being from Pennsylvania, it's fun (and easy) to make fun of people from Ohio. Unfortunately (well, probably fortunately), they've taken a drastic step to being on my list of things I won't make fun of anymore. This is because, they've managed to collect a whopping 427,000 signatures against Obama Care. That gives them the ability to put the issue on the ballet and vote on the health care plan in the upcoming 2012 elections. That isn't to say that the grass-roots effort will stop there. They will still have many hurdles in the near future to ensure this constitutional atrocity of a bill will not be harmful to their state.

You can read the full article here.

This bit of happy news prompted me to do some research. It turns out that Ohio isn't the only place seeking exemption from our elected overlord's health plan -- they're just the most recent. In fact, as of mid March, there were already over 1300 exemptions written. Isn't that curious? I thought Obama Care was the keystone  to his election promises. You know, bring healthcare to the people and all that jazz. Isn't that what the democrats thought was so precious? Yeah, I thought so too. Until I saw who some of these exemptions were.

Here's my (least) favorite parts of the list.

  • Unions! (I really need to get to work on that Why Unions are Poison article I've been talking about)
    • Obama's number one group of fans doesn't have to abide by the same rules as the rest of the country. Why should they? They did vote him in, after all.
  • Government employees!
    • You know, it sure would be nice if my boss could force the rest of the country to do something, but not me. I guess that's how it feels to work in the public sector these days. Also, lets think back to how I wrote about the teacher's union (look at that, a union of public employees) was getting out of hand. Funny, I just might have been right.
  • People in the states of Nevada, New Hampshire and Maine.
    • I really wonder what makes these blessed states so special? Could it be that they're the states of prominent leaders in the Democratic party? Oh wait, they're totally states of the leaders of the Democratic party.
This last one is my super favorite. All you have to do to exempt yourself from Obama Care is...
  • Open a shop in Nancy Pelosi's district! 
    • That's right. Nearly 20% of the 1300+ exemptions, are to businesses in the former speaker's district. How coincidental is that?
You can more about this here.

This is some very interesting information, and from it, we can draw some very interesting conclusions. If the Unions don't want it, if the very employees of the government that is trying to give it to us don't want it, if Harry Reid doesn't want it in his home state, and if it isn't good enough for the people in Pelosi's district, then it simply isn't good enough for the rest of the country. When will they realize that the people do not want socialized health care? Why do they continue to force it down our throats? How can they possibly continue to market it as such a success? What do you think?


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