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[Archive] Public Response, Volume 2

My last Public Response post was pretty popular, so I figure I'll give it another go. I'll be doing this monthly from now on, and I'll try to respond to every (educated) comment left on any of my posts.

Melanie over at !NO REALLY YOU CAN EAT IT! said...
I don't even know what to say. This just makes me sick. I said it earlier and I will say it she can serve her time for lying (if she gets any additional. I would not be surprised if she gets time served and probation) and I am sure she already has a book deal in the works. She can live off the money she makes off of that and have a great life...and then burn in hell. I hope she has enough sense to not reproduce again.
PoliticallyInsane said...
I keep hearing people complain that she's going to write a book and be rich from it. Who's going to buy it? I know I won't, simply because she doesn't deserve any of my money. Hopefully the rest of the world feels the same way, and lets this story fall to the wayside rather than the continual coverage keeping our interests peeked.
Also, I think Caylee's father's mother is trying to pass a civil suit that'd prevent any profiteering from the case. Hopefully it can go through.

From #imisswhen

Melanie still from !NO REALLY YOU CAN EAT IT! said...
In my humble little opinion, what we need here are about four more viable political parties. Unfortunatly, I just don't see this happening as the Republicans and Democrats are all about $$$$$$ and will never give up their hold. And I am sure they will pull out some Patriot Act bs about how not supporting one of them means you don't support the USA. Also, I would love to read Bush's book. I didn't vote for Obama (or McCain for that matter), and I stand by that decision.

More political parties, is potentially a solution. But that could also bring around a lot more problems. You think the senate does nothing now? Imagine with four more different opinion groups in the senate trying to get stuff done. It won't happen. That said, one more party would be nice. If the libertarians could get a real candidate together and actually have a shot at the presidency, I'd toss a vote their way. You're right about greed being a serious problem, but I think it's more about power than it is about money.

ScottD from Top Value said... 
It will all be better when I am made your God Emperor! But seriously as soon as Obongo was elected my business went down 50% and then some. All we have gotten are more taxes, higher interest, more laws restricting our freedom. The only ones who have reaped the rewards are banks, insurance, govt agencies. By electing a republican will just be more shit. Republicans and Dems have been bought and paid for along time ago. We must take down the federal reserve. Elect officials from all careers, are not just laywers, maybe some doctors, scientists, even a car mechanic. Dismantle and rebuild our whole govt structure. Stop the process lobbying and make getting caught doing it an act of treason. Stop all military spending on foreign soil. (we have it for defense right) get rid of the patriot act. Put huge taxes and tariffs on imports and us companies on foreign soil. Stop the dumbing down and brainwashing agenda in our school system and universities. Get rid of Govt employee pensions and perks( make them invest and 401k like the rest of us). Limit all political terms. If the budget can not be balanced allcongress and house will be held accountable for poor job performance and have their job terminated like every other business)
Get rid of the president alltogether. They are just a figure head for their political parties agenda and have no real power anyway. Just have a press secretary brief the public.

I think Scott is a little angry with the current situation. I don't blame him, and he does make some good points. However;
  • Lobbying may sound evil but it really isn't. It is impossible for one person to have their voice heard in our political system, just because of how massive our system is. A lobby is a lot like an interest group. It's a collective group of individuals with similar goals that when combined, their voice is actually able to be heard. Without lobbying, the politicians would be unable to actually serve the people, because they wouldn't know what they want. I think you mean to say, stop bribes, which is very different and already illegal. It can still happens through some loopholes in the redtape, though.
  • The president is more important than you think, and has a lot more power than you think.
  • Military spending overseas is very important to maintain a position of strength in foreign policy around the world. It's always better to debate from the high ground.
  • The exporting of jobs isn't as bad as it's often made out to be, either. If you don't export your low-end jobs, inflation runs rapid and the job market stagnates.

iSpy from iSpy politics said...
Why shouldn't they pay more? Theyve got more money than they know what to do with...

They might have a ton of money, but it isn't like they're just filling Olympic sized pools with it and going for a swim. The rich spend. They keep the rest of us employed! And, the richest 25% already pay 90% of all taxes. They're not going to open new shops, new factories, new anything if you take them to death!

Well, that was all for the comments this month! I'm looking forward to when I have to do this weekly, and not monthly.


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