Sunday, August 7, 2011

[Archive] Public Response, Vol 1

I'm just going to respond to some of my comments in a more public form.

ScottD said...My tax $ should not pay anyones pensions. 401k like the rest of us.

--I completely agree. Especially in a state like Wisconsin, where the public sector is making more on average then the private sector, it's insane to suggest that the people making less money should pay for the health care and pensions of people who make more money.

Josh said...Teachers always get the butt end
HillDog said...That is rough, it's not the teachers fault though. most make little and have it generally bad.
Ashton Chase said...I feel like teachers are already underpaid as it is, but that is just my opinion.
Innovations said...teachers always get fucked over

--In Wisconsin it's the private sector employee getting the butt end. But according to some popular teaching websites, the average salary for a teacher in that state is $55,000/year. That does not include their Health Care or Pension plan benefits--things that they don't have to pay into at all, it's all free. I don't get free health care, or a free retirement plan, neither should a public employee.

Likepie said...
Senators skipping town to delay vote is BS! They are elected to vote, not to freaking hide and waste tax dollars.
--Yes, it absolutely is. This isn't a dictatorship of the minority. They need to man up, take their votes, and if it's as bad as they say it is, the Republicans will no longer have control after the next election cycle so they can change it back.

Charmander said...These people have every right to protest. Just because a guy gets elected with 53% of the votes doesn't mean those part of the 47% should put their heads in the sand if they disagree. Taking away a unions right to collective bargaining is a terrible way to lower the budget.

Charmander said...Also Walker just gave $117 million dollars in tax breaks to Wisconsin businesses and then shoved this down the state's throat with out even thinking about negotiation. You can't dictate democracy.
Sorry I will stop now. Great blog. Gotta love political debate

PoliticallyInsane said...@Charmander No, you don't need to stop.
They have every right to protest (unless they're public employees doing it during working hours, because that's illegal) but the percentage of the vote is irrelevant. By that logic, no president should have any authority at all, because almost every presidential election is that close.
Wisconsin is losing private business faster than a stoner looses his keys. Without those tax breaks, more business will leave the state, reducing tax revenue even further. Besides, that is the platform he ran on.
I'm thinking my next topic will be "Why unions are poison." :)

Thanks for your great comments! If anyone has any pro-union or anti-union stats, link 'em in the comments and I'd love to include them in my next post.

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